National Street Car Challenge (UK)

Martin Rawlinson
2019 Dodge Challenger
2023 - Events and points scored
April :Monthly Meet #1300
April :Monthly Meet #2300
April 1Retrobeutes (show points only)1000
April 9Motor Buro Brighthouse (show points only)1000
April 14-16Drive to Track300
April 14-16Round 1 Melbourne raceway1850
April 15Track Drive Out300
April 14-16Round 2 Melbourne raceway1800
MayMonthly Meet #1300
MayMonthly Meet #2300
May 5-7Nostalgia Nationals (Show Points only)1000
May 5-7Flatcaps & Ferrets (show points only)1000
May 12-14Drive to Track300
May 12-14Round 3 Melbourne raceway1900
May 13Track Drive Out300
May 12-14Round 4 Melbourne raceway2000
May 19-21Door Slammers Santa pod (show points only)1000
May 20Door Slammers Track Drive out300
JuneMonthly Meet #1300
JuneMonthly Meet #2300
June 8-11Hotrod N Hills (cumbria) (Show Points )1000
June 10Hotrod N Hills Drive Out300
June 16-18Street Weekend1000
June 16-18Street weekend (Pod to Melbourne)300
June 16-18Round 5 Melbourne raceway1700
June 17Track Drive Out300
June 16-18Round 6 Melbourne raceway1750
JulyMonthly Meet #1300
JulyMonthly Meet #2300
July 7-9Dragstalgia (Show points only)1000
July 14-16Drive to Track300
July 14-16Round 7 Melbourne raceway1550
July 15Track Drive Out300
July 14-16Round 8 Melbourne raceway1700
AugustMonthly Meet #1300
August 4-6Drive to Track300
August 4-6Round 9 Melbourne raceway1700
August 5Track Drive Out300
August 4-6Round 10 Melbourne raceway1650
September Monthly Meet #1300
September Monthly Meet #2300
September 15-17Drive to Track300
September 15-17Round 11 Melbourne raceway1800
September 16Track Drive Out300
September 15-17Round 12 Melbourne raceway1800
September - who knows whenFlatcaps & Ferrets (show points only)1000
September - a Saturday, probably Flat Cap & Ferrets Drive Out300
October 6-8Drive to Track300
October 6-8Round 13 Melbourne raceway1750
October 7Track Drive Out300
October 6-8Round 14 Melbourne raceway1450
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