RAC Recovery from York/Howden

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As expected, and those who were there know, my car ran like a dream all the way to Melbourne, then on the first run, it destroyed the Alt belt and, clutch!

To cut a very long story as short as I can... I decided to bolt for the south and get the RAC to recover me...

07.30, limp out of York to get as far away as I can so the RAC wont whinge, made it to SHELL, York Road, Howden
08.00 Arrived at Howden and called the RAC; highlight of the call was "Is the car modified Mr Fitt?" - "Now, when you say modified, what do you actually mean?" (I explained it couldnt be fixed and I NEEDED A FLAT BED
11.00 RAC man calls to say he is in York at the SHELL on York Road, I say "Im not", he says, "ah, OK, I cant help you somebody else will"
13.00 RAC man 2 shows up. Explains he cant fix my car and will need to arrange a trailer/tow/flat bed
16.00 Flat bed shows up, explains he can only take the car to Trowell South where it will be collected by another flat bed. AND, I cannot travel with the car, but, he drops me at Howden Station
20.30 I arrive at my local train station, cab home
21.00 The RAC ring me to ask if Im still with the car. I explain that Im obviously not and, that they are sounding like they do not know where my car is. They insist that it is in Wolverhampton in secure storage, I ask for proof and they whaffle, ... here it comes...

09.05 I ring the RAC to ask when my car will be reunited with me, no idea, possibly Wednesday, "do you know where my car is?" "Yes, in storage in Wolverhampton"

09.10 I ring the SkyTag tracker crew - "Hi, I dont think my car has been stolen but, I dont know where it is, please will you tell me" - "Certainly Mr Fitt, it is at Trowell South Services, it has been there since 18.00 Saturday, we will send you a report"

Various calls to the RAC throughout the day until...

18.00 Me: "You understand that my car has been at Trowell services for 2 days now, the keys are in the ignition and the doors are unlocked, all of my belongings are in the car including a very expensive statue (another story), you are telling me it is in storage, I know that it is not, it is in a service station on the M1, IF my car is not moving toward your secure storage within the hour, I will ring the police and report it stolen, Skytag will direct the police straight to my car which you still insist is in safe storage in your hands, you will be able to then explain all of this to the police"

19.00 Sky Tag ring me and tell me my car is on its way to Wolverhampton

14.00 My car arrives at home

At least it was free. Miraculously, the car was not damaged neither were my belongings.

The alternator is shagged too, the woodruff key revolved inside the alternator pulley which buckled it causing the belt to explode.

Should be out for October meet anyway. Andy Park is making me some new pulleys at the moment.

:D :shock:
James Murray
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That's a pretty sorry story. The four times I've been recovered I've always travelled with the car.

What if you'd needed the car to get to work on Monday?

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That's pretty damned shocking Nick......thankfully it all turned out ok,
I do find it odd that you weren't allowed to travel back with the car though
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Unbelieveable Nick, this really ought to be publicised widely as you could have easily lost your motor through their ineptitude
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