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2015 Round 6 Report

Round 6


The second day of the May bank holiday meeting at York was cooler with odd showers throughout the day, but once again a thirteen-car field with the addition of Carl Morgan (Terry's son) out to play with a 325 BMW E30, soon to be running a Mega Squirt system.  Carl wasted no time in qualifying tenth with a 15.07 @ 89mph, once again proof that you can come out racing on a budget (the car currently stock).  His dad had moved up to seventh spot with a much improved 14.29 @ 95mph on the previous day, all of which helped shuffle the pairings slightly although the top four qualifiers were identically positioned to the previous day.

Paul's MR2 

Paul Hughes was right up with them 12.66 @ 109mph ahead of Doug's Skyline, a conservative 13.32 @103mph suggesting he may be saving the nitrous for eliminations.


Lee's Punto 

Ian Walley, again number one qualifier, earned the bye run in the first round whilst Terry Morgan blew his advantage against Lee Openshaw, a red light on the tree for the Morris rat rod as the rapid little Punto shuttled down the track with an impressive 14.58 @ 100mph.  Paul's MR2 took the win over Andy Frear's diesel Bronco, though a 15.1 from the big black beastie coupled with a six-tenths holeshot must have got Paul's attention!  Carl Morgan managed to dip into the 14s, a 14.95 @90mph from the BMW but was still adrift of the 12.04 set down by the Skyline as Doug came out with the gloves off.  Derek's TVR afforded Mark Pressland's 100E a gentlemanly half second on the lights, before gunning him down by a not-so-gentlemanly five and a half seconds at the line.  Nigel Hendersen's Anglia kept itself in the fifteens but was no match for James Murray's Cortina, undoubtedly themost succesful car in the history of NSCC.  John Peace completed the first round in taking out Tom Barker's Astra, but dusted the length of the quarter with a mist of coolant from the supercharged Mustang in the process.



Round two and fuelled by his first-round win, Lee upped the boost a little to post a weekend best of 14.20 @ 99mph from the Punto, sadly not enough to match the yellow Cortina as Ian laid down a strong 10.60 @ 131mph which it looked like nobody would have an answer for.  The Japanese pairing of Hughes and Hague looked like being a good match, and following their battle the previous day both drivers were on the ball cutting 0.5 lights.  A NPB for Paul, 12.61 @ 110mph, was consolation for watching the Skyline come past at the top end, 12.04 @117mph.  Derek had the bye run in this round, nursing a suspect number 4 cylinder which was smoking heavilly at the top end of the track.  James Murray put in his fastest time of the weekend, 12.43 @ 113mph to take out John's Mustang which once again sprayed the track as a headgasket problem began to truly manifest itself.

The down time left plenty of time for engines to cool before the semis, air temperature dropping and resultantly everybody running a little quicker.  Doug was running both stages of nitrous against Ian's Cortina in what wa to be a close race indeed as he not only cut a half second advantage on the tree but then posted a NPB of 11.9 @118mph - only to have the yellow Cortina pass him at the top end with 130mph terminal speed.  James Murray pulled a similar trick against the TVR, a 12.34 @134mph also a weekend best but outrun by Derek's 11.50 @ 119mph




And so to our finals, all things pointing to advantage Ian.  Would Derek have to nurse the TVR?  Yeah, right!  On the basis he knew he'd be pulling the heads off to look for damage anyway, no - let's just set to 'kill' and go for it!  If the TVR had planted itself any harder off the line the exhaust tips would have surely dug out the tarmac, both drivers cutting excellent lights but the TVR away by a couple of hundredths better.  Those two hundredths would truly count as the two cars powered up the quarter side-by-side to a finish that could only be decided by the beams - yes, Derek had managed it 10.61 against 10.62, the Cortina pulling him in with an additional 5mph through the traps.  What a fantastic finale, and a well-earned win of Derek who traditionally has less luck than a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.  In true NSCC tradition Ian was the first to come over and shake his hand and congratulate him on the win.  And that folks, is what it's all about!    

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