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2014 Round 5 report

By crikey, it's now August and, as I remembered when I found the round sheets, there's been no race report for the Spring Bank Holiday event way back in May! I'd better correct that, although aside from the data provided by York themselves, I can't remember a damn thing that happened so, once again, some of this tale is likely to be absolute fabrication and complete nonsense. Mind you, most race reports read like that anyway.


Although this was a two-day event at York, NSCC was only down to appear on the Monday. Many NSCCers had signed up for the inaugural UK Power Tour which started in Rye on the Saturday, went to Shakey on the Sunday and up to York on the Monday, so it would have been silly to hold NSCC at York over both days. As it transpired, only four NSCCers could be arsed to do the Power Tour, and as it further transpired they did pretty damn well for themselves with Derek Beck finishing second overall on an average 12.06 ET, James Murray fourth on 12.34 and John Peace 10th on 13.91. Erstwhile NSCC winner Mick Wilkes managed third on 12.11 and took the fastest four-pot trophy.


As it happens, the Sunday at York was a rain-off anyway, and when the Power Tourers arrived there was a soggy scene to greet them, along with a mountain of Volkswagens. The Monday was a lot clearer, I think, and with the valiant Power Tourers in the mix, there were 15 cars qualified for NSCC. Top of the heap was the Bootlegger on 11.09 at 126mph, followed by the nitrous-snorting TVR of Derek Beck on 11.78. Robert 'Knobby' Colquhoun in the bright orange Focus was fourth on 13.6, then Biff Bailey was back out to play with the SN95 Mustang on 14.1. In a complete turnaround from previous NSCC events, the average was a lot slower meaning that Andy Errington's TVR on a 15.2 was in the top half of the ladder... Rick Swaine had 17.6 from the newly-Pintoed Viva, leaving bump spot to Mark Presland.


Straight into eliminations, with Simon rattling off an 11.1-second bye. Jo Zyla didn't show with a death-rattling Toyota, leaving Andy to cruise to a 16.1 solo, while Derek conserved nitrous against Mark. Dec's Golf didn't record a time - I can't remember why - leaving Biff to run another solo, while James' 13.6 saw off Scott Presland's 18.2. Knobby's 13.8 ended Rick's day, John Peace rattled off a 14.0 against Nigel Henderson's 105E, then Lee Openshaw redlit against Dave Smith in the Fox Mustang. 


In the second heat, Simon drilled his mate Andy 11.3 to 15.3, James hammered John 13.6 to 15.0, Knobby screwed Biff 13.5 to 15.6, and to round of all this DIY, Derek made a charming breakfast nook in various complementing neutral shades for Dave 13.0 to 15.0.


Right, third heat, which was also the semi finals. Simon battered Knobby 10.7 to 13.5, while James covered Derek in a light yet flavoursome parsley sauce 12.63 to 12.64 - a race that was won on the line with James having turned the gas on and Derek seeming to have run out. 


Finals time, and James, having covered several hundred miles in the Cortina during the preceding two days found that the impending quarter-mile would be the most crucial. He got over a third of a second drop on Simon at the green, but Simon responded with a 10.9 that James's 12.7 just couldn't touch, holeshot or not. Full points for the Bootlegger and a long ride home for all those who joined in the Power Tour, a total distance that ranged from 700 miles for Dave and James to 800+ for Derek. 


And that was the May event. At this rate, you should be expecting the July report sometime around Halloween...

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