National Street Car Challenge (UK)

2013 Rounds 5 and 6

This write-up comes much belated, but sneaks in before the last round of the year.

 The Spring Bank Holiday weekend saw rounds 5 and 6. In stark contrast to most of last year, the rain managed to stay away once more.

 No Russ at this meeting, so it was Derek leading the field with a 11.98 at 115mph, James on the Lemsip to a slower than usual 13.03 at 110mph. Also running in the thirteen second bracket was John Peace, his fettling (and nitrous) showing good results with a 13.78 at 99mph. Steve Gilmour wasn't hanging around either with 14.11 at 96mph from the 2 litre 'tina. First time in NSCC for a while was Biff Bailey posting a 15.81 at 86mph in the Mustang. Howard Fletcher returned with his Morris based special on a 16.85 at 75mph. Mark Presland was on normal form with an 18.90 at 68mpg from the Prefect. Big electrical problems saw former series winner Phil Winstanley struggling on a 23.81 at 68mph.

The first pair of eliminations saw James paired against Mark. A 13.00 at 111mph easily saw off Mark's 18.83 at 71mph. Next up should have been Phil against Derek, but the Minor's problems were too great and Derek took an easy solo of 12.3661 at 104mph. Although slower than qualifying, John's 14.2 at 91mph was easily enough to see off Howard's 16.94 at 76mph. The final pair saw Steve improved to a 14.03 at 95mph outing Biff who lit the red bulb and posted 16.92 at 84mph.

 The semis saw Steve racing Derek, bracket racer Steve was away first and recorded a pleasing 13.97 at 95mph, but Derek was there first 12.55 at 108mph. John's good form suddenly went away with a troubled 17.02 at 64mph (nitrous burp?) against James' winning 13.0 at 109mph.

In the final James' Cortina remembered that it can run twelves - 12.74 at 111mph, but Derek got his boot into it and won the round with an 11.90 at 120mph.

The evening saw the now traditional cruise out to the Barnes Wallis for some great food. Upon return to the track, Mark Presland found a large screw hanging out of his front tyre - bollocks. Aiming to repeat the display of last year, James just about effected a puncture repair. It took all night to do, but it actually worked and allowed Mark to race on Monday. 

Monday dawned and we were down on two cars due to electrical problems. Qualifying went as expected and just about everyone was running a little quicker than Sunday : Derek 11.79 at 123mph, James 12.65 at 111mph, John 13.96 at 100mph, Steve 14.00 at 95mph, Biff 15.64 at 87mph and Mark 18.79 at 70mph

The first pairing was going to be close and it sure was. John cutting a reasonable 0.73 light, but Steve was away first with a 0.69. Close all the way to the top, but it was Steve that got there first, 14.01 at 96mph to the losing 14.58 at 93mph. An easy win for Derek in the next pair 13.76 at 88mph seeing off Mark's 19.08 at 71mph. The final pair saw James take the win against Biff, 13.83 at 99mph to 16.50 at 82mph.

In the semis and a close race between James and Steve. A 0.63 light giving Steve the lead and running 14.01 at 96mph. James cutting a 0.94 light and mis-shifting, but squeaking past to run a 13.54 at 109mph. Derek took a bye running 12.13 at 115mph

 James' Cortina had been suffering with a failing clutch release bearing all day and by the finals it was just about failed and he bowed out giving Derek an uncontested run - 11.71 at a whopping 126mph taking the round win.

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