National Street Car Challenge (UK)

2012 Round 6 report

NSCC Round 6

July 8th, 2012

With the way the weather's been going this year, it looks like John Peace might well get pipped to the title by some dude in a hovercraft, and so it was with some trepidation that we went into round six of NSCC at York, a one-dayer which we had to wait until lunchtime the previous day for confirmation that it would happen at all!

It seems that very few people shared IOPD's optimism about the Sunday's potential. James rocked up late Saturday night (surprise!) to find the pit lane close to empty. In the bar, the total number of patrons didn't fill two tables. And James had reason to be optimistic – having bent his clutch arm at the crossroads within a couple of miles of the track, he limped into the pits to find he had yet another puncture in one of his Hoosiers...

Against all probability, the Sunday itself was dry and comparatively sunny. In fact, it turned out to be the driest race York has had this year. Sadly, there were pitifully few there to enjoy it, with just six cars in NSCC and ten in Super Stock. And two cars were racing in both classes.

Well, with James out of the running, only five NSCC cars made the first round of qualifying, but then Dave rocked up late, just in time for the second, so we were back up to six. John Peace led the pack with a 14.2 at 96mph, followed by Stephen Gilmour's MkI Cortina on 14.6 and Dave's Fox on 15.3. A big jump to Mark Presland's Prefect on 18.7, followed by Scott's Pop on 19.1, and bringi... erm, he asked me not to say that … erm, tail-end Charlie was the only non-Ford, Rich, on 25.4. Everyone was a little off the pace, as damp abounded, but Dave was jumping to be in the top half of the ladder for the first time since God's dog was a pup.

The first round went pretty much according to expectations, with Dave seeing Mark off 15.4 to 19.1, Steve shutting down Scott 14.9 to 19.4, and John finishing 11 seconds ahead of Rich. The first close race came in the semis, where Dave got the drop on Steve from the lights but Steve passed him to finish 0.15 seconds ahead at the stripe, while John picked up the pace on his bye run to a 14.4 at 95mph.

The final must have been a close-run thing, with Steve pulling a lightning 0.59 light versus John's leisurely 0.93, but running a 14.8 to John's 14.3. It was John who took the win light, though, and a much-deserved round win for a stalwart competitor. Well done, John, who even got to collect a trophy on the startline for his efforts! He is now streaking ahead in the points, but at two-thirds of the way through the season, he is still eminently catchable!

The next day's racing at York is August 5th, but please note that this is NOT A ROUND OF NSCC RACING. The next round of racing for us is the August bank holiday weekend double-header, August 26th and 27th

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